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Friday, November 18, 2005

Fact or Fiction: Nativity Scene Belongs in Public

Several weeks ago, I got wind of a grassroots effort to fight the activities of the ACLU and related groups to purge the "public square" of nativity scenes. Well, it's not the public square, but the email I saw urged people to put up nativities anywhere they could. So mine is going up in my front yard.
Now check out this article from AgapePress about the truth concerning navtivity scenes in public areas.

(AgapePress) - West Virginia activist Bruce Barilla is an eager advocate for displaying Nativity scenes in the public square. He says the practice is protected by law when the display meets certain guidelines.
The Center for Law and Policy (CLP), the legal arm of the American Family Association, agrees with Barilla's view and has, in past Christmas seasons, helped local government officials comply with the law. (
See related article)
A CLP memo in 2004 said, "In order to satisfy the courts, a publicly-sponsored display should include secular items in addition to religious scenes, and arrange the display such that the religious scene does not become the focal point. Additionally, the religious items and the secular items should both be visible at the same time."

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