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Monday, June 12, 2006

Re-Post: "Pray for Our Week at Camp" from Deep Thoughts with Jen

Well, it has certainly been awhile since that last post! Ok, guys, I'm tired! I'm so freakin' tired! We leave for camp in like 10 hours and I'm still packing and doing laundry. It's way too late to be up doing this kinda stuff, but it's gotta get done, right?! Anyway, I'm gonna finish packing and get to bed to get some much needed rest, but I wanted to post to ask about your prayers. Camp can only be a success with God and if we invite Him into our lives at camp. Therefore, I ask that every believer pray, with intercessory prayer power over our time at camp this week. I believe that mighty prayer is incredibly effective and when backed by intense faith, we invite God into our lives to transform and radically move as He longs to do! So, please pray for us. Pray for open hearts. Not just hearts that can emotionally move. But hearts that break and rebuild on the foundational rock of OBEDIENCE to the Lord! Pray for our safety. Pray for our unity. Pray for our pastors and speakers. Pray that we get rest, both physically and spiritually. Pray that all the preparation that has gone into camp will now be taken into God's mighty hands and that He use it for whatever His plan is for camp. Pray for a fierce ourpouring of the Holy Spirit. Pray for our services and things like the band, the lights, the tech crew, etc. Pray that souls are saved! Pray that relationships start to grow. Pray that we will be a family! Pray! Pray whatever you want. Just pray for us, PLEASE!

I appreciate it greatly! That's all I got for now . . . more to come! I will let you know all the crazy stuff God did when I get back!

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